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February 20, 2016

Welcome Jessica Hart books to Heart2Heart Bookreads!

Jessica Hart books are full of romance for the mature audiences of 18+. Jessica lives in Los Angeles, California. She has a family and her four-legged friend to help inspire her and her ideas for writing romance and other fiction stories. She loves spending time with friends, reading books and letting her fantasies take her pen on unforeseen paths to challenge and resolve.

Recently Published New Titles:

An American Hero of Forbidden Love

an american hero of forbidden love front cover final 011816 Joshua Langdon is a part of the United States Coast Guard. He’s home between missions but about to deploy again. He’s kind, caring and loyal. He’s also completely and happily single. The happenstance of danger throws Abigail Preston right in his path. Being the dedicated soldier that he his, he steps up to rescue the damsel in distress. One small problem, he doesn’t want a girlfriend or complications in his life.



She’s running from her past. Something dark, dangerous and sinister is following her. She’s driven to handle her own business but must accept help from Josh when she knows they’re no one else to help her overcome her current dilemma.

More complications unfold when Josh offers her a safe place and her only choice is to accept his offer. He doesn’t want love and she is running away from a haunting fear.  He is a protector who shouldn’t fall for her and she is a target searching to hide. Not quite a soldier love story or the perfect romantic relationship. The unfortunate complication of forbidden love unfolds in no way that either of them expects or trusts to end happily ever after…

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Industrialist Finds His Girl Friday

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00054]  An industrialist makes the decision to pursue the call to a woman. One only available to him. He doesn’t share.

She makes a decision to save the most important person in her life, her dying mother. She is young, impoverished and driven to rescue the last endearment in her life. She is confronted by a choice keep a deal with a very bad man or to choose a relationship with a reclusive stranger.



She is willing to give up her truest virtue. She focuses on keeping her arrangement as obstacles continue to fall in her path. She ducks and dives to the best of her non lived life.  How can she keep such an arrangement when a dark door opens to one big confronting addition that she never saw coming.

The content is recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content.

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