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May 24, 2015

About My Killer Life Transformation Book

Are you undergoing a career transition? Have you had a shakeup in your professional life? Been downsized or laid off? Are you searching for something more? Do you need to find the next phase in your new killer life? Then you now need to identify how your life needs to change to accommodate a changing marketplace.

About A Killer Resume Book

Instead of being part of the pack of many, your resume needs to impress the gatekeeper so you can be allowed inside for an interview. Your resume needs to answer the specific questions of targeted experience the employer wants. It has to have a professional presentation and contain the content the resume reviewer seeks. Your resume is your marketing tool that begins the process for acquiring your desired position.

The identified job description will be your reference tool to design the resume that contains the skills as described. Gatekeepers or resume screeners are looking for like language that is contained in the job description so that you are identified as a match for consideration. Having a professional resume that correlates with keywords as described in the job description is what will get you in the consideration pile of applicants.

A Killer Resume breaks your resume in seven secret steps that helps you get hired every time. Visit the Books page and get your copy today!

About Vampire Rules for Love

Vampire Rules for Love is about four women living the San Franciscan city life. The story is an adult tale and a cross between True Blood and Sex and the City. The four young women meet, become friends and are jilted for super models while double dating at a dinner. This story is centered around Eve McQueen. Now united as close friends, Eve, Brooke, Aimee and Mindy all attend a black tie affair. Unbeknownst to them, they are abducted and turned by someone close to them but can’t remember who their sire is. They were all attending the debutant ball of the season to see Eve’s cousin introduced as a debutant and enjoy the splendid celebration of the event in a grand, end of spring/beginning of summer fastidious party affair.

After being attacked, and initially catatonic, the girls recover but are all turned into vampires thanks to their close friend. They are released from a sanitarium to be coached and taught how to hunt and survive in a human world as vampires. They emerge as four brand new female vampires, known to their kind as drainers, but they don’t know all the rules or the price to be paid for breaking them. So at threat of death to their loved ones they must live in secret, yet they decide they cannot live forever without love.

They make a vow to find true love and to find out who turned them into bloodthirsty drainers. Finally, they bond to avenge their maker.

About Vela Kurv Novels:

If you like Star Trek, Star Wars, Wonder Woman and Laura Croft, then you’ll like the Vela Kurv Legacy Series Parts I & II.

Vela Kurv Part II – Vela Kurv Becomes – Recently Released, click here and pick-up your copy now!

“THE WILES OF VELA KURV” is a seductive, stylized, science fiction tale of the struggle for the survival of the planet Earth. As a secret agent, a girl becomes a woman. She investigates how to fight against invading aliens. During the hunt, a  deal is struck to kill her, but only after the completion of her mission, so indeed mankind can be saved from alien infection. Her maturation and battle culminates into a passionate love affair.

Vela Kurv  Part I – Vela Kurv Begins – Released 06-09-14, 5-Stars!

“THE SCINTILLATE SEED TO VELA KURV” is a wrenching science fiction story of the birth of a king sent by The One to deliver mankind into a new existence and to seed a line of women because of a sacrificing star in the Constellation Vela; thus the beginning of Vela Kurv.  The plot begins with the copulation of Sebastian Wright and the combustion of a supernova inside the Constellation Vela. Sebastian is born into a military family on a spaceship sent to investigate the planet Epiphany. A war between Travelers, led by Ramses his brother; and Seekers, led by Artisan his colleague; is abruptly abandoned by Travelers when the Vela star goes nova. Ramses follows the sign to Earth to foil the prophecy of the Scintillate.

Vela Kurv Legacy Series Part III – Vela Kurv Is

Part III is coming soon.





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