Confessions of a Uber Driver – May 23, 2016

Welcome to “Confessions of a Uber!” First let me apologize for the change of title name. If you received my business card, typed in “” and looked for “Confessions of an Uber,” and didn’t find that name, that’s because between the time I ordered my business cards and registered the domain name, that title (“Confessions of an Uber,”) was already taken. So I changed¬†the “an” to an “a” instead. It may not be perfect English, but it does work for my blog title and it’s pretty darn close to what I intended to register. Second, I’d like to thank my cousin, Danise, for suggesting this rocking title. It was right on target to express my experiences as an Uber driver, motoring around town with my little proudly displayed in my Uber car, promoting my books and my online bookstore. My experiences began with Uber, just before Christmas of 2015. It was shortly after that, that I was invited to join “Uberpreneurship,” as created by Uber. It was created to encourage drivers to promote their own businesses to the passengers that ride in the car with the Uber driver. It’s concept was launched because of the success…

Confessions of a Uber Driver

Confessions of a Uber Driver launches right here. Be sure to come read all about this driver’s experiences first hand as she Ubers and offers her published titles for sale inside the Uber Don’t miss out on these first hand experiences as they occur right in the sprawling city of the angels, otherwise known as Los Angeles. Join us here at …

Heart2Heart Bookreads at the Uber Bookstore

Next time you take a ride in the Uber Bookstore via Heart2Heart Bookreads, ask about a story sample that includes the book titles available for sale here at Heart2Heart Bookreads is the concept of author and publisher, Riley Rose. Also included are the romance book titles written by Jessica Hart.  

Uber Bookstore

Heart2Heart Bookstore is an Uber Enterprise business.¬† Consider our brought to you by… If you’re an Uber rider and a book reader, perhaps you’ll consider choosing some of your books from an Indie bookstore that features titles in the following various genres: Non-Fiction A Killer Resume My Killer Life Transformation Young Adult Science Fiction Vela Kurv Becomes Vela Kurv Begins Vampire Fantasies Vampire Rules for Love Historical Non-fiction Bloodline Tales Adult Romance An American Hero of Forbidden Love Industrialist Finds His Girl Friday